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Buy This Swedish Cabin Built Into a Medieval Wall for $500K

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Like something out of a fairytale

We’ve discussed the possibility of moving to a grand castle in the French countryside (if we had $1 million lying around, that is), but if surrounding yourself with all that historic masonry feels like too much of a commitment, then this Swedish holiday cabin in Visby (located on the island of Gotland) may be a better option.

Like many of its neighbors, the compact home and its farmhouse are built directly into the town’s tall, fortress-like medieval walls, which simultaneously tower over and protect the red structures. According to the listing, the home, which dates back to the late 1600s, once belonged to the town’s executioner. While these historical elements may seem a tad bit heavy, it’s the toy-village nature of the home that makes this property feel playful.

At 50 square meters (or 538 square feet) the cabin is small, but its open plan and lofted sleeping spaces make it cozy, while a garden and farmhouse provide additional living space. It is currently on the market, with bidding starting at 4.25 million Swedish Krona, or approximately $500,000. Take a look below.