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You need to see this Oklahoma house built ‘in the shape of a fishing reel’

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It’s on the market for $6 million

This five-bed, seven-bath home in Catoosa, Oklahoma was built for R.D. Hull, founder of fishing reel company Zebco (originally called Zero Hour Bomb Company until someone realized what a not good idea that was), which pretty much answers the question of why anyone would commission a house in the shape of a fishing reel.

But surprisingly, the house, designed by Tulsa-based architect Cecil Stanfield, is even more eccentric than its shape suggests. Inside are 43 doors with hand-carved panels, a living room with two aquariums, a porte-cochere with a ceramic floor, four pinball machines, and a large indoor pool that is the "focal point of the home."

The listing boasts that "the house features blues, green, gold and orange colors reminiscent of the 1970s era." The house, located next to a huge pond, of course, for easy fishing access, was put on the market this week with an asking price of $6 million.

1102 N 305th East Ave, Catoosa, OK 74015 [Zillow]