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Tiny Camper Transforms Into Mini Boat for Just $17K

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It does a little bit of everything

All photos courtesy of Sealander

If the hardest decision you have these days is whether to buy a camper or buy a boat, you’re in luck: The Sealander caravan gives you both. A German-based company created this amphibious camper, which is light enough to be towed by most vehicles but can also cruise around on calm seas.

The Sealander's hull is a monocoque shell of reinforced-fiberglass-laminate and, in total, the camper weighs about 1,100 pounds. That means that a midsize vehicle (like a Subaru Outback) can pull the Sealander to your favorite camping spot. Inside, the camper boasts a convertible folding polyester top, a fold-out table, and seating for six that turns into beds.

When you’re ready to transform the camper into a boat, it’s simple: You secure the low-emission, outboard motor to the stern and launch the trailer into the water. When used as a boat, the Sealander’s top speed is about 5.6 miles per hour, so it’s meant for calmer waters. But a stainless-steel swim ladder and plenty of windows make it a great base for swimming expeditions.

The 2016 base model costs around $17,000, although you’ll probably want many of the add-on packages. Options include LED lighting, an onboard stove, shower, sink, toilet, and even a sound system.

Check out the video, below.