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Welcome to Furniture Week!

A weeklong celebration of sofas, side tables, and everything in between


Welcome to Furniture Week at Curbed! All week long, we’ll be bringing you intel on the best places to get the most bang for your buck—from Ikea to that antiques fair you’ve been wanting to check out for forever, and many, many places in between. We’ll also be highlighting the work of companies changing the way we manufacture, sell, and buy furniture, and craftspeople across the United States fusing new technology and old fashioned techniques to create some of the most interesting furnishings around.

Ready to dive in? There’s already plenty to read: We visited the woodsy idyll furniture designer Ben Erickson created for his family from the bones of a ramshackle midcentury cabin. In our quest to help you be the best furniture shopper you can be, we’ve outlined how to spot quality at Ikea.

Plus, we launched the latest chapter of the Curbed Handbook, Furniture 101, which explains wireless charging furniture, the six most important things to consider when shopping for furnishings, and more.

And this is just the beginning—there’s lots to come.