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Quiz: Which iconic chair are you?

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You are where you sit

iconic chairs collage

We spend a good chunk of our lives sitting down. At home, at work, in the car or at the movies, our butts are in seats. So it would make sense that when we started work on Furniture Week, our first thought went to chairs. And our second, to personality quizzes (we like to have fun).

But not any chairs would do: As design obsessives, we wanted to pull together a list of icons that spanned time and country of origin. We thought of everything from the papasan and the pouffe to modern classics by the likes of the Eames and Arne Jacobson. We considered an ancient Roman chair (the curule), a Victorian courting bench, a whole slew of armchairs, and the bean bag chair.

None of those made the cut, but we think you'll see yourself—your personality, rather—in one of the eight we chose. Have fun, and leave your results in the comments!

furniture week
Photo credits: Majesty palm picture via Instagram user @plantlife_nyc; Philodendron picture via Instagram user @tomhammond; House Calls pictures credited from left to right, top to bottom: Kelly Shea of Vancrafted StudiosGieves Anderson, Gieves Anderson, Carmen Troesser, Gieves Anderson, Wing Ta, Sam Frost, Carmen Troesser; Nathalie du Pasquier pattern via Instagram user @andre_civi.