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Modular Prefab Home Makes Room for Multigenerational Family

Chilean home big enough for the entire family without sacrificing privacy

We’ve written before about the appeal of modular abodes for multi-generational households, and this modernist home in Algarrobo, Chile, is a particularly artful example.

Designed by architects Thomas Garcia de la Huerta and Xaviera Gleixner, the 1,722-square-foot home was designed to accommodate three generations of family members with different personalities and needs while using the same structural modules.

The home is L-shaped, with five private bedrooms in one wing and the shared living room, dining room, and kitchen in the other. Each bedroom was intentionally separated from the others with an area of outdoor space so that no two bedrooms share a wall. All but one of them is directly adjacent to a private deck.

Adding to its modern appeal, the home is entirely paneled with slats of wood—horizontal on the outside and vertical on the inside, with most of the exterior-facing walls stained a dark gray. This somber hue chicly counterbalances the warmth of the natural wood grain.

The boxy, single-story home rests on a series of low concrete plinths, looking a little like someone combined the Glass House or Farnsworth House with a cabin in the woods.

Source: Inhabitat