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Airy Home in Taiwan is Split into Multiple Levels to Maximize Light

Lovely and peaceful

The interiors of this lovely family home in Pingtung, Taiwan is the latest project from local firm HAO Design Studio, whose specialty appears to be creating warm, modern spaces in compact city residences. This time, HAO has divided up a two-story home into two-and-a-half levels, not only maximizing both private and communal space, but also the flow of light and air throughout.

The one-and-half-height living room, as well as a dining area and kitchen, occupy the open-plan ground floor. A minimalist, open-volume wood-block staircase leads to the second floor lounge mezzanine—open on both ends—and looks out onto the living room below. A skylight above the steps allows even more light to trickle into the kitchen area.

Going up to the top floor leads to the master bedroom, which opens into an ensuite bathroom that is differentiated by its timber cladding. Another skylight runs along the back of the space, while a large window allows light to flood the entire room.

Take a look below at how translucent roof materials, large windows, and open planes work together to elevate this simple structure into a bright and peaceful home for its occupants.