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10 earthy pieces fit for a modern adobe

Nouveau Adobe decor: All the yes to earth tones

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From big-box retail stores to the world's toniest auction houses, the options are endless when it comes to furniture shopping for your home. During Curbed's first-ever Furniture Week, we're helping you sort through the clutter to divine how to live your best life—or at least, the best sofa to sit on while you ponder that question. Now that you've taken our extra-accurate decor quiz, shop the furniture picks that represent the very essence of you.

You’re sunbaked—either literally or figuratively—from desert vibes. You’ve cultivated a homegrown philosophy that’s borderline cultish, and while not everyone subscribes to your notions of sustainability, independence, and practicality, you’re just fine living 100 miles from the nearest grocery store, thanks very much. Earth tones are your friend, as are durable materials that won’t look faded when exposed to the elements. You eschew tropical plants for cacti and high-pile textiles for flatweaves and raw hides.

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