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10 heirloom-quality pieces for the modern home

Modern Colonial decor: Tradition, with a twist

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From big-box retail stores to the world's toniest auction houses, the options are endless when it comes to furniture shopping for your home. During Curbed's first-ever Furniture Week, we're helping you sort through the clutter to divine how to live your best life—or at least, the best sofa to sit on while you ponder that question. Now that you've taken our extra-accurate decor quiz, shop the furniture picks that represent the very essence of you.

You respect tradition while forging your own path. While you treasure granny’s china, you mix it up with earthenware for everyday dining, not six-course meals for Sunday luncheon. You mix handcrafted, heirloom-quality pieces like sideboards and secretaries with clean lines and Shaker-inspired woodwork, and toe the line between decorative and functional. Just be careful of becoming beholden to outmoded ways of living.

Not your style? Take our spirit decor quiz to find out what dream interior best represents the very essence of you!