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Quiz: What’s your spirit decor?

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Answer our expert questionnaire to discover the truest decorating style for your home

From big-box retail stores to the world's toniest auction houses, the options are endless when it comes to furniture shopping for your home. During Curbed's first-ever Furniture Week, we're helping you sort through the clutter to divine how to live your best life—or at least, the best sofa to sit on while you ponder that question.

You may know that you prefer a homey bungalow over a sleek high-rise apartment, but new problems arise once you get inside. What kind of sofa suits your secret couch potato lifestyle? How on earth do you pair college-era Craigslist haul with recently-gotten wedding registry swag? What rug should you consider for the living room if your partner's leather furniture clashes with your favorite wicker chaise?

We're helping you sort through all those open e-commerce tabs during Curbed's first-ever Furniture Week, but first things first: What dream interior best represents the very essence of you?