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Prefab Tiny Home Is Energy-Efficient and Mobile

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Get you a house that can do it all

Estonia design collective Kodasema has created a tiny, prefabricated structure that can be dismantled and transported to another location in under a day. Called KODA, the 20-square-meter (215-square-foot) dwelling features a living, dining, and kitchen area, as well as a lofted bedroom space, a bathroom, and a built-in terrace.

Shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival’s Small Project Award, KODA can be adapted for any purpose, including for use as a home, cafe, office, studio, or classroom. Its prefabricated components make the house a snap to assemble on site without a foundation, and just as easily taken apart and relocated—in under seven hours.

The cubed residence is also energy-efficient: The entire facade is glazed in four-layers of glass which insulates and allows natural light to flood the home. Although Kodasema encourages inhabitants to plant the structure on a site that has access to water, sewage, and electricity, solar panels mounted on the roof provide enough energy to power the home for shorter periods.

Take a look below at the chic, minimalist tiny house that can do it all.

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