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Oscar Niemeyer’s Gorgeous, Unfinished Rashid Karami Fairgrounds Revealed in New Photos

The photos are the work of Paris-andBeirut-based lensman Anthony Saroufim

Trailblazing Brazilian architect and designer Oscar Niemeyer is known for his work in his home country—including the master plan for Brazil’s capital, Brasilia—and his work for the United Nations headquarters in New York City. But his projects outside of Brazil and the United States go largely unheralded.

That’s changing with this series of photographs by Paris and Beirut-based lensman Anthony Saroufim of 15 incomplete, Niemeyer-designed structures in Tripoli, Lebanon’s Rashid Karami Fairgrounds. According to Designboom, construction on the fairgrounds kicked off in the early 1960s, but stalled when civil war broke out in Lebanon in 1975.

Saroufim’s photos capture the haunting beauty of the fairgrounds, which comprise a series of geometric concrete buildings spread over 10,000 hectares (about 24,700 acres). Take a look. And for the full photo set, head on over to Designboom.