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Escher-Like Stairs Connect this Dynamic Paris Housing Complex

Each apartment features a private balcony

Europe continues to lead the charge when it comes to producing creatively-designed social housing buildings, and this development located in the 10th arrondissement in Paris is just the latest example.

Helmed by local firm AAVP Architecture, the structure accommodates a large gymnasium and 69 apartment units arrayed amid a dynamic series of porticos, balconies, passageways, footbridges, staircases, and other outdoor space.

Though the building is expansive in size, the architects aimed to make individual apartments (all equipped with large windows that maximize natural light) feel intimate and private by adding a deep set diorama-like loggia to each street-facing unit. From the facade, these timber-clad boxes look as if they were stacked, while the Escher-like system of walkways on the interior courtyard brings everything together.

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