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Street Art Transforms Kindergarten Walls into Multicolored Canvas

Trippy designs meant to inspire young minds

From the Madrid-based street artist who brought us the rainbow bear building of Hong Kong comes a new set of vibrant architectural murals. Okuda San Miguel is renowned for large-scale colorful artworks that blend images of animals and humans with geometric optical illusions in bright hues. For his latest project, Miguel transformed a kindergarten building in Arcugnano, Italy, into a visually stunning canvas for a set of murals.

Several of the images incorporate architectural features like windows or corners into the artwork itself, such as turning a rectangular window into a set of eyes.

The surreal subjects of his paintings are a combination of the artist’s regular motifs—bears, prismatic shapes, etc.—and imagery evoking local symbols. One of the murals depicts the Lion of Venice, a winged creature representing St. Mark, one of the patron saints of the nearby city.

Source: Fubiz