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Fabulous Trapezoidal Midcentury Modern Home Asks $1.85M

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Location: South Pasadena, California

Price: $1,850,000

As we’ve pointed out before, Pasadena, California—and its much smaller neighbor South Pasadena, once part of the former but now its own city—is home to fantastic historic residential architecture, from Craftsmans to midcentury moderns to Victorians. Continuing this tradition is a just-listed midcentury gem in South Pas (as locals call it) that’s sure to excite the MCM enthusiast.

Built in 1966 by architect Thomas W. Woodman, the four-bedroom, 2,699-square-foot house, originally owned by Louis N. Desser, who was, quite fittingly, a real estate writer for the Los Angeles Times, features a unique trapezoidal plan that comprises two symmetrically arranged wings.

One enters the flat-roofed home through the porticoed second floor entrance situated at the center of the structure, which connects the two wings. All the common living areas—kitchen, dining and living rooms, and den—are located in the right wing, while the bedrooms are placed in the left wing, allowing a convenient division between shared and private space.

The sprawling residence, which recently underwent a careful renovation by Chu + Gooding that involved updating it for modern living, includes sliding glass doors and large windows that provide access to the ample deck, gallery-style walls that partition the living spaces, hardwood floors, wood panelling, and a poured-concrete fireplace deck. It’s asking $1,850,000. Have a look at the fabulous home below.

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