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Cantilevered Living Room Captures Dramatic Views in Modern Canadian Home

Definitely a conversation starter

A sure-fire way to capture amazing views in a house is to cantilever a part of it right into the surrounding landscape and turning the whole thing into a giant window. That’s certainly the case with "Blanche Chalet," a new two-story modern home designed by Canadian firm ACDF in the scenic Charlevoix region if Québec. Plopped atop a concrete base, the rectilinear residence clad in white stained wood places all the main living and dining areas on the top level, where they enjoy commanding mountain and river views

The protruding living room, which features a structure that nods to vernacular bridge structures and interiors lined with wood, seems to float right amongst the natural surroundings. According to Designboom, the project set the clients back $900,000 CAD (or roughly $688,000.) It’s unclear if that price includes the bewildering stockpile of firewood stored behind a sliding door by the front entrance.

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