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Tiny Home Remodel: Simple Shifts Modernize Polish Apartment

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Stylish fixes turn a wee loft into a chic, tiny abode

Measuring just 312-square-feet, this apartment in Wroclaw, Poland, needed to get creative if it was going to contain everything the owner wanted: kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, and plenty of storage. A renovation by local architecture firm 3XA using waferboard, along with inventive arrangements that add space, gave this practical tiny home some modern flair.

The main innovation was building a bedroom loft above the bathroom and an entry hall lined on one side with storage. Built out of waferboard, the loft offers fresh visual texture that contrasts with the painted brick and nineteenth-century ceiling detail of the original space. The wood-flake stairs leading up to the sleeping area also double as a bookcase and offer additional storage.

The main living area is large enough for a desk, L-shaped sofa, chair, and square coffee table. Floor-to-ceiling curtains disperse the light, and a pair of bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling provide an industrial touch.

The small kitchen has a double-stacked set of cabinets and an eating bar made of the same waferboard material as the loft. In contrast with the rest of the mostly white home, the kitchen has one wall painted a dramatic black hue, with stools to match.

Source: Contemporist