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Pokémon Go: Curbed’s Architecture and Design Edition

Brutalism, PoMo, Eiffel Tower—oh my

Pokémon Go has really taken the world by storm since the popular mobile game, an Android and iOS app, arrived earlier this month. Pokémon Go hasn’t just been a trip down memory lane for fans of the franchise (though it definitely has been that); it’s also been a boon for cities across the U.S, which have seen increasing numbers of people exploring plazas, parks, and more, our urbanism editor, Alissa Walker, wrote earlier this week.

For those who aren’t in the know, Pokémon are able to take on a variety of forms, from ice types to poison types and more. As a way to join in on the fun, we’ve designed over 10 "Pokémon" that we think are worth coveting, especially for fans of architecture and design. Inspired by icons of the built environment from Paris, France, to Portland, Oregon, we think you’ll dig these.

Brix (Psychic/Rock)

This Pokémon is often confused for bricks, but be careful if you come in contact with it. With its psychic ability, Brix is able to hover, as well as fling itself at opponents.

Brutalisk (Rock/Ground)

This Pokémon is pretty shy and doesn’t often come out from hiding. When it does, though, it has a big personality and can be the life of any party.

Been (Steel/Normal)

Thanks to its reflective, glassy skin, this elusive Pokémon can easily camouflage itself with its surroundings.

Portlin (Fighting)

Portlin might not be one of the fastest Pokémon, but it’s one of the fiercest. Its bulky body is super resilient and able to take more than a punch or two.

Krysler (Electric)

With the help of its pointed metal hat, Krysler is able to conduct and charge enough electricity to make it glow.

Ayffle (Poison)

This Pokémon’s vivid colors are meant to warn others of its dangerous nature. When Ayffle feels threatened, it uses its pointed head to sting its opponents.

Washmon (Rock)

It takes decades for this behemoth of a Pokémon to reach its full height. When it does, it’s able to defeat many opponents simply by sitting on them.

Abbey (Steel)

Despite its cold, steel material, this goofball of a Pokémon has a warm personality. It loves to pull pranks and make silly faces.

Taj (Fighting)

This Pokémon is quick-footed and tenacious with a love for starting fights with any opponent.

Liberty (Fire)

The more angry Liberty is, the brighter the flame from her torch is.

Golbridge (Normal/Rock)

This clingy Pokémon always clings to similar types, tying itself together with them so it’s never lonely. When in battle, it hurls a section of itself at opponents.

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