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Concrete Floor in Kyoto Apartment Features Cracks Filled With Gold Resin

In a nod to a traditional technique used in Japanese pottery

Now here’s a novel fix: This trapezoidal apartment in Kyoto uses golden resin to fill in cracks on the concrete floor. Designed by Tokyo-based architecture firm TANK, the Xchange Apartment, a "drab old flat"-turned-artists’ guesthouse, incorporates elements of traditional Japanese pottery.

Kintsugi is a technique that was used to repair broken pottery by filling in cracks with a lacquer mixed with powdered gold, a process which TANK’s principal Naritake Fukumoto wanted to replicate in his project. To do so, he intentionally laid the floor with a type of cement that is known to crack, then plugged in the gaps with a special epoxy-resin.

Other features of the renovated space includes exposed concrete beams painted with rough, white dots, a raised kitchen and bathroom area, and a dressing room space with mirrored doors. Large windows open onto a balcony and a view of the cityscape and surrounding mountains. Head on over to Dezeen for the full story.