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Quirky-Chic Amsterdam Restaurant Brings Elements of Rainforest Indoors

Highly stylized and oh-so cool

Studio Modijefsky is back at it again with its wacky restaurant designs, this time in Amsterdam, where the Dutch interior architecture firm has created a tropical forest-themed environment filled with foliage, hanging mobiles, and a green color scheme in a space that was previously a gym, a cafe, and a bar.

The interior design firm infused Bar Botanique Cafe Tropique, a long, multi-level, double-height bar-restaurant in the Dapperbuurt district of eastern Amsterdam, with a dizzying array of accents and influences. These include hexagonal tiles (designed by Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune) patterned with abstract lines on the bar (which features a marble surface), arched metal racks and partitions, and mobiles with mirrored shapes that bounce light around the space.

Architecturally speaking, the restaurant features large windows reminiscent of a greenhouse—without the heat, one hopes—a sunken dining area toward the back, and a mezzanine. Oak floors line the restaurant, which is decorated with 1950s Topform Holland armchairs and sofas. Take a look below.