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Rio 2016 Olympics Stadium Will Get Second Life as 4 Schools After the Games

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The schools will be located throughout Rio

Brazilian architects Lopes, Santos & Ferreira Gomes and London-based firm AndArchitects have created a handball arena for the Rio Olympics that will be dismantled at the end of the Games and rebuilt as four schools throughout the city.

The Rio 2016 Handball Arena (also known as the Future Arena) is a boxy 12,000-seat temporary stadium that is an example of "nomadic architecture," a structure that can be broken down and then recreated into an entirely new building with minimal waste.

The arena is encased with "rainscreens" made of modular horizontal wooden slats that stop just above ground level, leaving space at the bottom of the structure to reveal concrete accessibility ramps and staircases. Once the Olympics and Paralympics are completed, these component parts—the facade and ramps—plus the roof and the main structural steel elements, will be reconfigured to form the shells of the schools, which were designed simultaneously with the arena to ensure continuity. "It is important that the schools are expressed in the architecture of the arena so that its eventual use is clear even during the games," said the architects on their website.

The four schools will accommodate 500 pupils each, with three of them to be constructed in Barra da Tijuca, and one in Maracanã. AndArchitects previously designed buildings for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Take a look below.