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Sleep Under the Stars at This Hotel in the Swiss Alps

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A hotel room for people who really love the outdoors

If you’re tired of all those pesky walls in hotel rooms, check out this open-air room in Safiental, Switzerland. Operated by the Null Stern hotel and designed by conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin, this is hotel living at its least intrusive. For around $250 per night, the "room" comes with a standard double bed and night stand set up. There are even two lamps so you don’t miss out on your pre-sleep reading. The catch, of course, is that the designers built the bed into a small hillside in the dramatic Swiss Alps, all without walls.

But even though the bed is without typical hotel amenities—the nearest bathroom is a 10 minute walk away—a stay in the Null Stern hotel does come with butler service and complimentary breakfast. Throw in a liberal cancelation policy that helps to guard against bad weather and you’ve got an innovative and unique hotel concept. If reservations are any indication, it looks like people are sold on the idea; according to the Null Stern website, the bed is fully booked for the 2016 summer season and is now taking reservations for 2017.

Tell us in the comments: are you ready to book a night at this open-air wonder?