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White Hot Santorini House Is Ready for Summer

We also snuck in a nearby hotel for good measure

Welcome to the dog days of summer, when the heat makes it challenging to focus on the task at hand and instead tempts you to drift into the gauzy realm of wanderlust. To help you indulge your fantasy vacation-planning tendencies, here’s a white-hot summer holiday retreat on the Santorini coast—plus a nearby hotel as a bonus—that will have you daydreaming the rest of the afternoon.

Designed by Kapsimalis Architects, the geometric home comprises multiple white cubes arranged on a slope on the outskirts of Mesaria meant to echo the traditional residential architecture of the Greek island. Each block contains a room of the house, with the kitchen, dining, and living area—all set around a patio—and two guest rooms occupying the first floor, and the master suite and two other bedrooms situated on the upper level.

Like the exterior, the interior walls of the house are white, while portions of the floor are laid in either cement or marble, giving the space a bright but understated ambience. Patios and terraces accessed by glazed doors provide ample indoor-outdoor space, as well as views to the azure ocean and the nearby village of Pirgos. A vegetable garden also grows on the grounds. Have a look.

And as a bonus, here’s the Andronikos Hotel. Perched atop the highest point in Santorini in Imerovigli, it’s equal parts serene and psychedelic, with arches, smooth curves, and complementary cushions and pillows nodding to the grotto-like houses of the region.

Designed by Athens-based KLab Architecture, the hotel, which was once a house built in the 1970s, features six intimate suites laid out over four floors, and is decorated in a calming palate of blue, green, white, and tan textures and finishes. Aqua accents on certain parts of the hotel’s floors create an optical illusion of an indoor swimming pool.