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Crowdfunding Could Save Miami’s Iconic Abandoned Marine Stadium

Hilario Candela's cantoileverd concrete roofline is worth rescuing

After standing abandoned for more than two decades, the remarkable Miami Marine Stadium—once the world’s longest span of cantilevered concrete—could soon get another lease on life. Heineken and the National Trust for Historic Preservation have teamed up to launch a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the first phase of a massive restoration effort.

The campaign seeks to raise $100,000 to go towards replacing the structure’s 6,566 seats with new chairs. But it’s just a fraction of the estimated $40 million needed to fully renovate the building.

A standout structure along the waterfront, the stadium, designed by Cuban architect Hilario Candela in 1963, the Marine Stadium is made entirely of poured concrete and features a dramatically cantilevered canopy with bold accordion folds floating above the audience. When it opened, the building received high praise and played host to everything from boat races to Beach Boys concerts, political rallies, and even beauty pageants.

After Hurricane Andrew tore through Florida in 1992, the stadium was thought to have been badly damaged and was subsequently shut down. However, later engineering analysis found it was still structurally sound. Over the years, graffiti artists have used the abandoned site as a canvas, covering the old seats with colorful designs.

Restoration proposals for the beloved building have discussed for years, but sadly have picked up little momentum. In 2009, the National Trust declared it to be one of the country’s most endangered historic structures.

Source: Dezeen