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Crowdfunded Furniture Campaign Livestreams Workshop Crafting Your Bookshelf

Take transparency one step further and watch Argentine craftsman assemble your new furniture.

Argentine architect Alejandro Sticotti is live streaming his Buenos Aires workshop as artisans craft the furniture pieces for his ongoing Kickstarter campaign. Both the Sticotti-designed bookshelf and the coat rack are made out of sustainably grown South American wood, expertly shaped and sanded by Sticotti’s crew of craftsmen.

With more than two weeks to go, the campaign—created by the transparency-minded furniture company Sudacas—has already surpassed its funding goal.

"Livestreaming the entire process was my way of sharing the story of my craft and showing how meticulously each piece is made," says Sticotti. "It allows me to have a direct connection with the end user."

Both of the crowdfunded pieces have a simple, modern aesthetic. The Sticotti Bookshelf is a wall-mounted piece using high wooden brackets to support vertical slats with interlocking shelves. Intended to be infinitely expandable and adaptable, it’s the sort of design that would look at home next to a mid-century Scandinavian dining set or in an ultra-modern loft.

The Sticotti Coat Rack, with its odd angles and quirky pegs, has a more playful look. Inspired by Japanese carpentry techniques, it was designed to stand up with self-sustaining joints, meaning that it’s easily assembled without the use of screws, brackets, or hand tools.

Bookshelf kits start at $290 for the the smallest version and $840 for the largest, though combo kits are also on offer. The coat rack is priced at $270.

Source: Kickstarter