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Couple Transforms Weapons Factory Into Eclectic Home and Studio

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The couple is behind A+Z Design Studio in Budapest

A+Z Design Studio was founded in 2009 by married couple Attila F. Kovács, an architect and production designer, and Zsuzsa Megyesi, an art director and stylist. It’s no surprise, then, that cinematic influences would figure in the conversion and subsequent decorating of a former weapons factory in Budapest, Hungary.

Located in the southern part of the capital, the four-story Loft 19, as it’s called, and the larger factory complex in which it is situated, date back to between 1913 and 1915. It took the couple two years to restore and redesign the crumbling space, which would eventually become their new studio and home.

The concrete industrial tower is divided into four levels: The first floor features a studio, showroom, and guest suite, the second floor the bedrooms and bathrooms, the third the common spaces including an open kitchen and dining and living areas, and the fourth floor a pool, sauna, gym, library, laundry, and roof terrace.

Although the building is austere and the interiors spare, it’s colorful accents like the tiled floors of the private spaces, the patterned and painted walls in shades of light grey, pale pink, purple, yellow, and persimmon, and the eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage furniture pieces, artwork, and other objets that give the home character—as well as serious vibes from a certain grand movie hotel whose name has something to do with the city in which this loft is located.