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Traditional Meets Contemporary in Updated Rammed-Earth Hostel in China

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Polycarbonate walls make up the mobile guest rooms

This traditional rammed-earth house in Pingtian, a village located in the Sidu Township of Songyang County in China, has been converted into a design-forward youth hostel by architect He Wei that utilizes plastic walls—like this studio prototype—to create highly adaptable spaces.

Nicknamed Papa’s House after its previous owner Jiang Binlong, the hostel maintains the home’s original character while creating a contemporary, international interior space for its guests.

Accommodations are located on the second floor, which has been divided into three simple "rooms within rooms" constructed with timber and ridged translucent polycarbonate. Window cut outs and large openings on the gabled roofs allow light to enter the rooms, while wheels enable the simple volumes to be moved around. Each room contains bunk beds that can sleep between four to six people.

The open-plan first floor is used as a play area for children and a lounge for tourists and villagers in a nod to the communal nature of the building’s former function. Take a look below, and head on over to Dezeen for the full story.