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Explore the Seductive Modern Architecture of Fire Island’s Gay Resort

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A new website chronicles the sleek Modernist homes of this New York summer escape

When architect Christopher Rawlins first visited The Pines—a predominantly gay haven on Fire Island, a summer escape for many New Yorkers—he immediately noticed its unique modern architecture. The stunning wood-clad buildings seemed to share a forward-thinking style that developed alongside the enclave’s reputation as "Chelsea with sand." Soon, Rawlins was "peering over fences and knocking on doors" to learn more about the area’s grand beach homes.

Pines Modern, a website and non-profit dedicated to promoting the area’s architectural and cultural heritage, was the result of his curiosity. Co-founded by Rawlins, the site offers virtual home tours and information about the neighborhood’s many modernist homes and architects.

There’s 205 Pine Walk, a home designed with cascading outdoor decks, a bright red conversation pit, and large windows that gave off a voyeuristic edge. Then there’s the quirky, pyramid-inspired home at 547 Beachcomber Walk which (unbeknownst to the owners who’d rented it out) served as the setting of the third act of Boys in the Sand. The exquisite 214 Beach Hill Walk with its exposed-beam ceiling and geometric lines recently underwent a restoration.

Source: Pines Modern