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U.S. Renters Increasingly Squeezed for Bedroom Space, Report Finds

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Stidy finds, not surprisingly, more U.S. families are living with fewer bedrooms

An analysis of home sizes in the country’s top 100 metro areas found that 26.4 percent of U.S. renters are in want of at least one extra bedroom. Using U.S. Census data, Trulia compared household size with the number of bedrooms in the home and found that across the U.S., homes are getting more and more crowded, with an increasing percentage of households having more family members than bedrooms. While the average size of the American home has ballooned over the years, renters are feeling more and more confined, especially in urban areas.

This "space crunch" is most evident in Los Angeles, where 29.2 percent of households have shared bedrooms—the highest proportion in the country. Roughly 67.9 of renters with children in L.A. were short on bedrooms. New York City is next, with 25.2 percent of households squeezed for space. But California dominated the top of the list with eight of the country’s most-squeezed cities.

Notably, homeowners fare better than renters when it comes to having a bedroom for every family member. Only 8.1 percent of owner-occupied households share bedrooms.

Source: Trulia