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Revamp Transforms Victorian-era Bakery Complex Into 12 Sleek Apartments

One unit short of a baker’s dozen

We’ve ogled and gushed over renovations of all sorts—from a weapons factory-turned-home in Budapest to a Paris apartment with great bones given a modern spin or a traditional South Korean dwelling updated for contemporary living.

This former London bakery, built in the 19th century, continues in that vein of historic spaces revamped for modern tastes. Masterminded by local firm Jo Cowen Architects, the onetime boulangerie is now 12 modern residences in the English capital’s Battersea area. Unsurprisingly—and in a perhaps uninspired, but apt, move—it’s being called Bakery Place.

Making use of the complex’s muscular cast-iron columns, glazed masonry facades, and mix of mews and townhouse-style units, designers at Jo Cowen retained much of the original structure. What they did add were new floors (oak); new partitions in each unit (steel-and-glass, rather than opaque brick or sheetrock); and, of course, new coats of paint (in largely neutral tones).

Not swanky enough for you? There’s a 6,000-square-foot (566 square-meter) penthouse here, too. Take a look and read more—including an interview with Jo Cowen Architects co-director Chris Wilkinson, over at Dezeen.