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Build your own tiny home with Foundry Architects’ plans

Detailed plans for the Minim House cost $495

Detailed plans for the Minim House, Washington D.C.’s most famous tiny home and winner of the AIA Washingtonian Award of Excellence, are now available for purchase for anyone enterprising enough to take on the task of building a tiny house from the ground up.

Created by D.C.-based studio Foundry Architects, the Minim House features an open-plan, flexible living space with custom furniture including a custom hydraulic table and roll-away bed (instead of a lofted one, which is common in tiny homes). Available either as a 210-square-foot trailer-mounted model or a stationary 265-square-foot version, the plans include elevations, sections, construction guidelines, and annotated photos for $495. Foundry also intends to manufacture the homes and sell them for $70,000.

The Minim is also extremely energy-efficient and sustainable, featuring cedar-clad walls built with structurally insulated panels (SIPS), solar panels on its ridge beam roof, and concealed rooftop gutters that catch rainwater, which is then filtered for use. Head on over to Dezeen for the full story.

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