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Haus, a new app for home selling and buying, aims to streamline process

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It was created by an Uber cofounder

Scores of emerging apps launch with claims to be the "Uber of [insert sector ripe for "disruption" here]", but new app Haus was actually developed by Garrett Camp, an Uber cofounder. The app, which aims to simplify and streamline the home-buying and selling processes, was developed for Expa, also started by Camp, and whose tagline is "Expa helps create companies." ("We’re not an ‘incubator’, and not a VC," insists Expa’s About page.)

So, what exactly does Haus do? As explained by TechCrunch, the app helps bring some transparency to the selling and buying process, including "digitizing and organizing offers from buyers." This means more seller access to information about individual bids. Of course, as TechCrunch observes, this availability of information means unscrupulous sellers can, potentially, incite bidding wars with what are called "shill bids"—or price inflation by the seller or a conspirator.

For now, the app is free and ready for folks to check out. And you can visit the Haus website here.