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Impressive Indian Home Features Rotating and Sliding Marble Walls

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A glass facade lies hidden underneath

We’ve seen moving glass doors and louvers that open and shut, but what about hefty stone walls? This house in Ahmedabad in northwest India has marble walls that not only slide—but also rotate.

Dubbed Moving Landscape, the residence was designed by Matharoo Associates for a property developer and his wife, as well as the families of their two sons. Its thick yellow Bidaser marble walls and concrete structure makes the residence appear monolithic—an "impregnable shell," according to the architects—but a glass facade lies hidden underneath.

One side of the house features thick marble motorized panels that slide back and forth, while another has two tiers of panels that pivot in alternate directions, allowing for customizable amounts of light, ventilation, and privacy for the family.

Even though the economy has allowed for more families to purchase individual homes, some families still prefer to live traditionally, sharing homes with relatives. The clients wished to stay close with extended family, so the architects designed the home as a U-shape so that the families could share common areas, which are situated in the center, while also retaining separate quarters, which are located in the wings. The house also surrounds a large communal garden courtyard.

Take a look below, then head on over to Dezeen for the full story.