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Gorgeous Tiny House Is Inspired by Scandinavian Design


If you’ll let yourself look past the eye-watering (though all-inclusive) $79,000 price tag on this spanking new tiny house from Nashville, TN builder New Frontier Tiny Homes, you can begin to soak in all its Scandinavian-inspired glory.

Indeed, the 246-square-foot ebony-stained dwelling is high on Scandi sensibility, offering pale plywood walls, a clean-lined custom closet and stainless steel shower, and minimalist but cozy furnishings throughout. More familiar is the layout, which features a small front deck, living area with optional upgrades like built-ins and a storage staircase, loft big enough for a Queen-size bed, and L-shaped kitchen with granite countertops to the back.

Would you pay a premium for a tiny house with hip interior design and decor all figured out? More details here.