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Furniture makers have invented a way to sit on stuff that looks like other stuff

Want to sit on an ear of corn? Now’s your chance

Imagine a chair. Pretty boring, right? Now imagine a chair that looks like a huge stack of money. Now imagine a chair that looks like a square pineapple. Now imagine a chair that looks like a block of marble. Now you have basically imagined the concept behind "Sit on Everything," a soft foam sitting block from Belgian furniture creators Benj&Soto. The team has spent the past four years developing a type of foam that is nice to sit on, and has also spent an unspecified amount of time covering blocks of that foam with images that resemble a club sandwich (imagine sitting on a club sandwich), a wood block (imagine sitting on a wood block), a pug, an ear of corn, various patterns, a red cabbage, et cetera, et cetera. Whatever you have ever imagined sitting on, you now can, although you’ll be able to do it a lot sooner if the thing you are imagining is food related since that’s about half of Sit on Everything’s current arsenal. A Kickstarter for the product recently launched, and is currently 16 percent of the way to its $33,880 goal.

Sit on everything: Soft innovative furniture [Kickstarter]