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Inside an Artist Couple's Cute, Compact Studio in the Trees

Cedar, steel, and translucent siding combine to elegant effect

For an artist, a space of one’s own in which to work and create is paramount. Two lucky artists, a couple living in the Long Island town of Water Mill, New York, received just such a room, in a pavilion custom-built for them by New York City firm TBD Architecture + Design Studio.

Called the "Leff Art Studio," the rectilinear volume has a space-age look thanks to its angular steel frame and, on one end, translucent polycarbonate cladding. The material palette warms up a bit on the other end of the structure, which is covered in cedar panels and include a hodgepodge of rectangular and square windows that call to mind Le Corbusier’s Ronchamp Chapel and other modern buildings that have followed suit when it comes to their window designs.

In order to prevent the new structure from impeding the mature trees on the section of the site the clients and designers at TBD intended to build, the whole structure is raised on a set of concrete "piers"—14 in all—that help keep the trees’ root systems out of harm’s way.

Inside, the light-filled spaces include a ceramic studio for one half of the couple and the other’s "collage studio," according to Designboom. Take a look.