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New Raw Wood Paneled Desk System Can be “Hacked” to Your Preference

It can also be flat-packed and turned into a sofa

The office furniture industry continues to adapt to rapidly changing work environments by creating modular, adjustable pieces that cater to young workers looking for flexible solutions.

The latest offering comes from Swiss company Vitra, which has launched a height-adjustable table system designed by industrial designer Konstantin Grcic. The rudimentary desk, called Hack, is made of raw wooden panels that are meant to evoke the spirit of startup companies—and appeal to them as well.

Resembling a mini-cubicle of sorts, the table has three straight sides from which the desk surface is suspended and can be raised or lowered by a crank according to height preference. The desk can also be "hacked" into seating by adding cushions, and can be flat-packed for maximum transportability and flexibility.

According to the its website, the desk’s "unfinished aesthetic" was meant to be "a snapshot of an experimental project under development," and "[reflect] the attitude of companies that similarly define themselves in terms of constant change."

What do you think? Is the Hack system an interesting and "raw" workplace solution, or simply half-baked?