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You can buy an entire Colorado ghost town on Craigslist for $350k

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The town was abandoned in the 1970s after a grisly murder

Anyone who has recently been perusing Craigslist for small, dismal towns in the Western United States is in luck. One such town, which goes by the name of Cabin Creek, Colorado, has been listed on the site for $350,000. The owner, one James Johnson, who describes it as a "Ghost Town," as provides some potential uses, which are as follows: "Have a huge family? Want to start a business? Need a huge shop? Racing Fans? Fix and flip? Just want acreage out of town?" Cabin Creek was, according to ABC, a thriving (or, at least, functioning) town until the 1970s, when a grisly murder caused all the residents to pack up and leave. (Unfortunately, the town’s website mentions nothing about that chapter, although to be fair it’s a pretty brief section.) Johnson has owned the town since the early 1980s and has never followed through with his initial plans to turn it into a highway tourist attraction.

3300sqft Shop, Highway frontage, 5acres, House (Cabin Creek Colorado) [Craigslist]