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Nestlé's First Factory Welcomes New Exhibition Center for 150th Birthday

A place to indulge the kid in you

Planning to make a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Nestlé? You're in luck: The grounds of the Swiss company’s first factory, in the town of Vevey, just welcomed a €45 million (about $49.8 million) exhibition center by Dutch design firm Tinker Imagineers. It’s dubbed Nest Experience Switzerland and its opening, in the middle of last month, coincides with the 150th anniversary of the Swiss food giant’s founding.

The center comprises a two-story museum, hosting, according to Dezeen, "historic products and a prototype for the first Nespresso machine," and areas for kids and their parents to view and interact with exhibitions, including ones that incorporate virtual reality elements and more. There are also installations on health and nutrition on site, which seems a good idea for a company that manages over five dozen brands that produce much of the world’s mass market food and beverages.

Take a look and read more over at Dezeen.