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Noah’s Ark is open for business

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The project has already sparked controversy

The giant, two-football-field-long recreation of Noah’s Ark that a creationist group led by a man named Ken Ham built in Kentucky opened for business yesterday, with visitors flocking to the Christian theme park. (Unfortunately, it looks like all the visitors were humans, not pairs of different types of animals, which doesn’t bode well.) Though the project has already proved controversial—employees are required to sign a "statement of faith" disavowing homosexuality, among other things, and critics think it should not have been given tax incentives, with one group calling it "state funded religious extremism"—one thing we can all agree on is that Ham and co. have managed to build an impressively large land boat (with the help of a great many tax breaks). And as Dezeen points out, the Ark’s opening coincides with the state of Kentucky experiencing severe flash flooding, which either means that God is very happy about the Ark, or very angry about the Ark. It’s hard to tell.

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