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Ikea Hints at Upcoming Collab With Danish Brand Hay in Trippy Video

It’s both weird and lovely

Ikea has been very much in the news of late: The Swedish furniture and home goods powerhouse recently recalled 29 million of its Malm dressers after they toppled over, leading to injuries and several deaths, leading one Pennsylvania legislator to push for mandatory stability standards in dresser design.

In less serious recent news for Ikea, they’ve announced major changes to the way consumers interact with their stores, including changing the design of their iconic blue-polypropylene bags to a gray-black-and-green design by Danish brand Hay.

But that’s not the only Hay collab news the company has up its sleeves: Ikea has recently released a teaser video for an Ikea x Hay collaboration hitting stores in 2017. In the video, which has a Salvador Dali-like, Surrealist quality, an apartment with rather nice bones—herringbone wood floors, elegant molding—becomes the scene of some mysterious happenings. Dezeen suggests that the felt, rattan, glass, and more seen in the film are the materials with which Hay and Ikea will construct the new items in their line, which seems a safe bet. Watch this space for more intel.