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Eco-Friendly French Country ‘Wood House’ Available for Rent

It sleeps up to eight people

If you’re looking to travel to France and don’t necessarily want to stay in (or buy) a massive chateau, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a simple, eco-friendly, wooden structure that would make for an equally impressive vacation getaway. La Maison Bois—the Wood House—is located in the small village of Montembouef in Charente in southwestern France, and is available to rent starting next week.

Designed and constructed by British architect Tom Kyle, the sustainable, low-impact holiday home’s shape takes after that of a traditional farmhouse and is made mostly of timber. A double-height living room and dining area with glazed walls open onto a wooden patio covered by a slatted pergola, while four bedrooms are situated in the back of the house.

The home includes a wraparound terrace, a garden, and is set on a rolling hill with views of the lush countryside. It’s also close to historic sites, leisure activities, and the Limoges airport, making it a convenient home base for you and your family and friends as you explore the countryside. Take a look around and head on over to the website for more details.