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Shanghai’s terrifying 88th-floor outdoor skywalk has no guardrail

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Just don’t look down

Thrill-seekers in Shanghai now have a new way to get their kicks. The city’s Jin Mao Tower just opened up access to an exterior walkway more than 1,115 feet above the ground with no safety barrier. Visitors are strapped into harnesses ensuring that they won’t accidentally fall off the 88th-story ledge.

In case the prospect of dangling over the city from the side of a high rise isn’t enough to spark an adrenaline rush, designers floored the walkway with transparent glass. So even if you dare not venture near the edge of the four-foot-wide ledge, you’ll still be able to look down and see the streets far below.

The entire walkway is just 200 feet long and can accommodate a maximum of 15 visitors and two workers at once. According to Huanqiu, this skywalk is the tallest transparent, handrail-less outdoor walkway in the world.

Source: Shanghaiist

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