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Startup Grover offers smart home product rentals for curious skeptics

This one goes out to the commitment-phobes

If you’re an Internet of Things skeptic or look askance at fitness trackers and connected home products of all sorts, then Grover, an online marketplace that lets consumers try out devices before they commit to a purchase (if they commit to one at all), may be for you. Founded in Germany as ByeBuy in 2015, Grover offers trial runs of about 300 products, from smartwatches to other wearables, phones, and laptops. At present, for example, you can rent a Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset for $19.90 a month or a Netatmo Weather Station for $9.99 a month.

This new expansion into the U.S. market has only brought the newly rebranded Grover to New York City for now, though plans to make landfall in other stateside locations are underway. And if you’re in Germany, the U.K., Austria, or the Netherlands, you’re in luck: Grover is readily available in each of those countries.

Learn more and see what’s available over on the Grover website.