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$55 million California mansion is perversely incredible

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To say that this place is gilded is putting it lightly

Say what you will about the overall design aesthetic of real estate developer Khosro Khaloghli’s borderline-unfathomable mansion in Cambria, California, just down the road from the Hearst Castle. But you have to admit that it... has... a lot of frescos?

Okay, so we can’t quite bring ourselves to endorse this place (which was one of our Houses of the Day back in 2002 when it was on the market for $58 million — now the asking price has been chopped down to $55 million) but that doesn’t stop us from finding it, well, kind of awesome. Khaloghli immigrated to the United States in the 1960s, is a self-made millionaire, and spent 14 years working on his dream of building "a castle with the confident power and scale of Roman architecture combined with the lyrical beauty of the high Renaissance." It is also not his primary residence.

The property includes the 12-bedroom mansion, 80 acres of land, a Pinot noir vineyard, equestrian facilities, and a helipad.

7292 Exotic Garden Dr, Cambria, CA 93428 [Zillow]