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New exhibition envisions the future of Tokyo housing

12 architects designed houses that aim to bring people together

We’ve seen a lot of innovative homes come out of Japan and especially Tokyo, where space is limited and expensive. House Vision Tokyo, now in its second iteration (the inaugural House Vision took place in 2013), is a month-long exhibition curated by Muji designer and creative director Kenya Hara that attempts to understand and explore the concept of the house "as an intersection of industries" and "the ideal platform on which to project ideas about the future:"

Taking the house as the starting point reveals potential solutions for many issues, including energy, communications, mobility, the aging society, the relationship between urban and rural, and the preservation of traditional land use systems.

This year’s theme is "Co-Dividual: Split and Connect/Separate and Come Together" and addresses the question of how to bring individuals, urban and rural areas, and fragmented technologies together through housing. The resulting exhibition features 12 full-scale homes designed by some of Japan’s top architects, including Sou Fujimoto, Atelier Bow-Wow, Shigeru Ban, and Kengo Kuma that propose solutions for closing the gap between architecture and everyday life. The architects have been paired with industry leaders to help implement their ideas.

The exhibition runs through August 28 at the Aomi Station in Odaiba, Tokyo. Read on for a complete list of pavilions and a look at renderings. We’ll update this space as images of the built structures continue to emerge emerge. Full project descriptions are available at the House Vision Tokyo exhibition website.

1. The House with Refrigerator Access from Outside

Yamato Holdings × Fumie Shibata

2. Yoshino-sugi Cedar House

Airbnb × Go Hasegawa

3. Hiragana-no Spiral House

Panasonic × Yuko Nagayama

4. Tanada Terrace Office

Muji × Atelier Bow-Wow

5. Nomad House

Mitsukoshi Isetan × Tanijiri Makoto/Ai Yoshida

6. Rental Space Tower

Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd. × Sou Fujimoto

7. Open House with Condensed Core

LIXIL × Shigeru Ban

8. Checkerboard Water Garden

Sumitomo Forestry × Nishihata Seijun × Kuma Kengo (exhibition design)

9. Woodgrain House

Toppan Printing × Nippon Design Center, Hara Design Institute

10. Inside-Out/Furniture Room

TOTO/YKK AP × Jun Igarashi/Taiji Fujimori

11. Grand Third Living Room

TOYOTA × Kuma Kengo

12. One Family Under a Wireless Roof

Culture Convenience Club × Nippon Design Center, Hara Design Institute (exhibition design) × Shinya Nakajima (video)