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Long-lost Frank Lloyd Wright pavilion will be rebuilt in Canadian town

Revived recreation space was one of only two Canadian projects by Wright.

After a flood damaged Frank Lloyd Wright’s elegant Banff Park Pavilion in 1939, the building was tragically demolished, a little more than 25 years after it was completed. But the fine Prairie Style structure—one of only two designed by the architect in Canada—was not forgotten.

This spring, members of the Frank Lloyd Wright Revival Initiative (FLWRI) petitioned the Banff City Council for permission to rebuild the 1913 structure. Just recently, after the team completed its investigation of potential sites and costs, six of the town’s seven City Council members have voted to proceed with project. That is, if the FLWRI can secure the necessary funding.

The group believes coming up with the millions needed to rebuild the wood-and-glass picnic shelter shouldn’t be a problem. "Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the greatest creative geniuses of all time. There is no shortage of adoration for him, which is evident by the outpouring of interest we’ve already received," said documentarian and FLWRI co-founder Michael Miner.

The revived masterwork will serve as a public recreation space for Banff’s inhabitants as well as an architectural mecca for Frank Lloyd Wright fans. FLWRI is currently accepting donations through their website.

Source: Canadian Architect