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Surprise: IKEA furniture does not get easier to assemble when you take LSD

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But, actual surprise: it’s not impossible

A pair of filmmakers named Hunter and Alex decided to make a series called "Hikea," where they feed their friends drugs and then have them assemble pieces of IKEA furniture. They reason they did that is because "it's funny to say ‘Hikea.’"

Surprisingly, given its pretty thin justification for existing, the series, which consists of only two episodes so far, is fairly fun to watch. Even more surprisingly, both pieces of furniture end up assembled (although not one hundred percent correctly, as a few steps are skipped over by the bearded man on shrooms). If the idea of this was to give these people an impossible task, the actual result is to shame us for complaining all those times about how difficult a piece of furniture was to assemble when we had not dropped acid. If these two giggling messes can actually put together a Nordli cabinet in under three hours, the rest of us really have no excuses.