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Get a load of Tom Ford’s $75 million Tadao Ando-designed ranch

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This property is incredible

We hate to tell you this, but you are basically wasting your time reading these words when you could already be scrolling down and looking at pictures of the Tadao-Ando designed home that Tom Ford has put on the market for $75 million.

In the interest of "doing our job," we will continue to relate some facts about the property, but you really should have skipped this part already. It’s okay, don’t feel bad. We would be looking at the pictures too. Maybe you can come back to this later.

The property, called the Cerro Pelon Ranch, is located in the Galisteo Basin near Santa Fe, New Mexico, covers over 20,000 acres, and includes a landing strip, equestrian facilities, and an old west town that has been used as a set in such movies as Lonesome Dove, All The Pretty Horses, and Wild Wild West.

Are you still reading this? You are only hurting yourself.

Tom Ford is a fashion designer and film director. You already knew that. Just look at the pictures already.

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