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Couple’s incredible floating village is peak off-grid living

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For the last 24 years, Canadian artist couple Catherine King and Wayne Adams has been living on a floating paradise unlike anything we’ve seen. Freedom Cove, as they’ve decided to call the self-built, almost Seussian village on water, hovers off the coast of Vancouver Island, a whole 45-minute boat ride away from the nearest town. It’s also completely off the grid—thanks to the solar energy and rainwater collection systems— and houses everything from greenhouses to a dance floor on a network of wooden structures and pathways.

In a new short film from Great Big Story, viewers can get a taste of the couple’s one-of-a-kind lifestyle. At one point, when asked if they get seasick, Adams replies without a missing a beat: “No, when I go out to town, I get landsick.”

This is certainly not the first time Freedom Cove has gotten the spotlight on the internet. In fact, you’ll find plenty of photos of the place with a quick Google search. What’s intriguing though is how different the place looks in this latest video compared to earlier aerial shots.

As it turns out, Freedom Cove is not so free from the forces of nature. King explains a bit over email:

The structure changes usually from winter to spring each year as big storms cause damage and we then have to rebuild from recycled materials we have on hand in a manner that further strengthens the whole system. Each winter storm teaches us how to make the whole structure more durable to the environment.

Take a look.